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Roman Pa(i)radise

If You Love Me - Wellness in Pa(i)radise

Our concept was: how can we enthuse young couples for wellness and Badenweiler? The answer was found in the village's history and a touching legend: during excavations in the 18th century a golden garment brooch that a Roman legionary had given his beloved was found. The inscription read "si me amas”, if you love me.

This served as the inspiration for our Roman pa(i)radise. Flattering light, iridescent earth tones, gold and copper shimmers - a completely different world. Our 'Cuddle' Special at the pa(i)radise offers two guests two hours in a rose bath, sparkling wine, and a partner massage. 3000 guests have enjoyed our services so far, many of them younger than 40. The proof that wellness and luxury isn't just for the older generation.

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How Pa(i)radise 2 Joined Us

The pa(i)radise at the Fini-Resort was soon too small, too many appointments and requests, especially on weekends. That's why we took over the office of our janitor (he was not thrilled) and created the second pa(i)radise. Completely different than the first, even more romantic, more feminine. Thankfully, half of our guests prefer pa(i)radise 1, while the other half prefers pa(i)radise 2.

What about you? If our pa(i)radises aren't booked out yet, we offer massages and baths in them. Simply ask about open appointment slots.

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