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May 2020

Despite Corona: The Fini-Resort Keeps Its Prizes Stable

69.90 Euros in a double room, breakfast included. This was the entry price per person, when the Fini-Resort Badenweiler was opened in June 2011. Long, long time ago. Since then many things have become more expensive, also in the beautiful Markgräflerland. 2020 marks the tenth business year of the leading themed wellnesshotel in Badenweiler. Because of the Corona crisis it's an extreme year, the hotel has been closed since mid March, just like any other vacation hotel in Germany.

The date for the reopening is set, and one thing is clear - the room price will remain the same: 69.90 Euros. Hotel owner Mathias Finck: "We're experiencing an extremely difficult situation. But the same is true for most of our guests. We are very much looking forward to reopening and welcoming you soon. We will continue not to increase our prizes. Fort the tenth year in a row, I guess that's pretty unusual ..."

Not only some "good-deal-rooms" have this low entry price but 60 % of all rooms in the hotel. And the low extra costs for the History rooms and Imperial rooms, the bigger studios and the Vespasian suite will not be increased, either. Prizes also remain the same for our popular packages containing an all in all discount of 15 to 20 %.

Our Archives

April 2020

"Rock Underneath the Redwood Tree" taking place next year

Reasonable and right - unfortunate nevertheless! Because of the Corona crisis all major events are prohibited until at least the end of August 2020. This also affects the open-air-festival "Rock Underneath the Redwood Tree", planned to take place from June 18th to 21st at the Fini-Resort Badenweiler.

The festival will take place exactly one year later, from June 17th to 20th 2021, again from Thursday to Sunday. And with 13 bands. Münchener Freiheit and Fools Garden ("Lemon Tree") are expected to be the top acts. We have already reached out to all artists and hope to be able to confirm their participation very soon.


January 2020

World Champion Has A Sauna, Hot And Cold

In October 2019 Beat Wartenweiler played the mini-golf game of a lifetime in Zhouzhuang, China, winning the world championship. The players from Switzerland are traditionally strong, after all mini-golf was invented in Tessin in the 1950s.

The Fini-Resort invited the 24 years old train driver and his Austrian girlfriend Lara to have a short wellness vacation in Badenweiler. Hotel owner Mathias Finck met the famous guests for a Fondue Chinoise dinner. He strongly recommended the Cryosauna at the hotel: "You have to try it, it's perfect for athletes!"

Beat und Lara followed the recommendation and went into the cold chamber for three minutes, at minus 147 degrees Celsius. Later they were happy: "We feel great. But yes, it was pretty cold ..." Things got hotter the next day when the two athletes spent time at the sauna area. And during walks through Badenweiler they recognized: "This town is so enchanting!"

In August Beat Wartenweiler will participate in the European championship in Graz. As world champion he will be one of the frontrunners. The people at the Fini-Resort will cross their fingers!


September 2019

Official Tesla Charger In The Fini Garage

Since the beginning of 2019 the Fini-Resort offers two chargers for electro cars in its garage. People who spend the night at the Fini-Resort can recharge their cars for free. This service has now been extended, with an official Tesla charger and an extra parking lot.

Guests use this service frequently, especially when they are on long trips. Hotel owner Mathias Finck: "Isn't it great: You exit the A 5 near Neuenburg, go on to beautiful Badenweiler, there you have a delicious meal, spend a comfortable night and have some wellness. And after breakfast you leave the hotel with a fully charged car."

So far there were only two Tesla chargers between Bale and Freiburg, the third one can now be found at the Fini-Resort. Drivers can see the locations of the chargers both on Tesla's website and the monitors in their cars.


March 2019

Thursday Live: The Fini-Resort Becomes An Event Hotel

We have a great new offer for our guests: In May our new series of events called "Thursday live" will start. As the name suggests every week there will be some sort of art presented live. The events always take place in our hotel, when the weather is good the audience will be seated beneath the redwood tree. For hotel guests all concerts, lectures and shows are free of charge. Afterwards you get to know the artists at a "meet and greet" at the hotel bar.

We will start off in May with music. On May 2nd the "Awesome Ministers" will play some pop and rock from the last 40 years. On May 9th and 16th the singers and songwriters Raphael Steber and Rod Fritz will perform. Vera Nentwich will present an unusual cabaret show on May 23rd. And on Ascension Day the band "Lebensmusiker" from Saarland will play some music, a very special group of people.

In our annual program you will find informations, pictures and video clips about all live acts at the Fini-Resort. Simply choose an event, book the appropriate package, and soon you will enjoy a short trip combined with culture, great food and wellness - at the Fini-Resort you will find everything under the same roof.


February 2019

The Fini-Resort Has Kept Prizes Stable, For 9 Years In A Row

69.90 Euros in a double room, breakfast included. This was the entry price per person, when the Fini-Resort Badenweiler was opened in June 2011. Long, long time ago. Since then many things have become more expensive, also in the beautiful Markgräflerland. 2019 marks the ninth business year of the leading themed wellnesshotel in Badenweiler. The price remains the same: 69.90 Euros. Hotel owner Mathias Finck: "We made a lot of progress in the last years, we work more efficiently and have more guests compared to the beginning. That's why we will not raise prizes. And we already experience our ninth year, I guess that's pretty exceptional."

Not only some "good-deal-rooms" have this low entry price but 60 % of all rooms in the hotel. And the low extra costs for the History rooms and Imperial rooms, the bigger studios and the Vespasian suite will not be increased, either. As well as our popular packages which contain a discount of 15 to 20 %.

Only the extra costs for weekends will be increased on 1 April 2019 meaning 10 Euros more in the nights before Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Mathias Finck: "We also think of our employees. On weekends there are so many guests, we sometimes reach our limits. But there are still about 250 days each year with the low basic price. Just like in June 2011."


February 2019

Anna Greiner Is Best Student Of The Year In Baden-Wuerttemberg

The Fini-Resort successfully counts on its young talents. And they show tremendous performances. Our apprentice Anna Greiner (21, 3. f. r.) not only passed her hotel business exam with distinction but also achieved the grade 1.4. With that she is one of the three best graduates in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the others being Lina-Marie Kieselbach and Aneka Kunkel, both from the “Europäischer Hof” in Heidelberg. The young apprentice got her award at a ceremony at the vocational school.

Today we have four apprentices and three students. Three additional students start their education at the Fini-Resort in October 2019. With these new “young rebels” almost 20 % of our staff consists of apprentices and students. Our students attend the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University in Lörrach for three years and get a Bachelor’s degree.

You are interested in one of the exciting jobs in the hospitality sector? Just contact us, we are happy to welcome you to a taster day at the Fini-Resort. Your contact person is Alisa Bundschuh (via phone: +49 7632-8247-182 ,or via email: By the way: Alisa Bundschuh also started off as a student at the Fini-Resort. Successfully so!


December 2018

Fini passed a rigorous examination of its stars

When the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) examines hotel stars you feel like having a really important exam. Every three years a commission tests if hotels still have the right conditions for their classifications. The Fini-Resort Badenweiler was classified as a 4 star superior hotel for the third time in a row.

Lothar Heinke, representitive for classifications with the DEHOGA Baden-Wuerttemberg conveyed the wonderful message: "Having a building like yours, it's especially difficult to get 4 star superior, once again you did a great job". Explanation: Until 2006 the Fini-Resort was a hospital, therefore it wasn't really a classic wellnesshotel for vacations. Frank Klasen from the DEHOGA Freiburg commended: "You don't rest, instead you continue making progress with the hotel. We saw and felt that."

Expressed in points: After the new guidelines by the European Union you need 400 points for 4 star, for 4 star superior 600 points are needed. The DEHOGA classified the Fini-Resort with 610 points.

Owner Mathias Finck (right), vice director Karsten Kleinjung, projectmanager Anita Reiter (left) and assistant to the director Alisa Bundschuh were extremely happy about the certificate and the new bronze plaque. Exam passed, we hope our guests are happy with us.


December 2018

Free Electricity For Guests With Electro Cars

A great service for all hotel guests who come to the Fini-Resort with their electro cars. Over night you can recharge your car for free. You only pay the normal parking fee of 10 Euros per night. The Fini facility managers Jens Bösinghaus and Antoni Woitkowiak have painted two parking lots in the underground garage green and added a funny Fini bird in a red electro car. With two charging boxes guests can now recharge their cars. Next to these parking lots people can recharge their electro bikes.

Technical details: The charging boxes from the company WEBASTO are made in Germany and are also known as "PURE 22 KW". Thereby we offer a 3-phase charging with 32 amps and 400 volts, making possible a charging current up to 22 KW. The stations have a charging cable of 4.5 meters, guests can recharge on the right side, left side or in the middle. The service can be used by all electro cars and plugin hybrid vehicles with a plug "TYP 2". This plug has been a EU-standard since 2013.

We give you three examples of charging times: A Tesla S with a completely empty battery needs 6 hours to recharge, a BMW I 3 needs 75 minutes and a Renault ZOE 54 minutes.

Hotel owner Mathias Finck: "The environment and climate protection are very important to us, that's why we gladly support electro mobility." Since 2014 the hotel has an official energy certification after DIN EN ISO 50001:2011.


8 October 2018

Fini-Resort Badenweiler Introduces 37.5-Hour Weeks

The Fini-Resort in Badenweiler introduced the 37.5-hour week for its employees while maintaining wages. Also implemented was a ban on working overtime. This will benefit the 42 full time employees, 11 part-timers, and six apprentices. The 4-star-superior hotel opened in 2011 and is the largest hotel in Badenweiler, boasting 33,000 overnight stays in 2017.

Hotel owner Mathias Finck commented on the unusual measures by saying "we want to actively help employees and make ourselves a more attractive workplace. Only complaining about being understaffed won't help any of us.”

By implementing these measures, employees at the Fini-Resort now receive their schedule a full three weeks in advance, an incredibly important step for a good work-life balance. The trick is a company issued cell phone with a WhatsApp group. HR manager Alisa Bundschuh sends out the new schedule every Monday via this WhatsApp group: she fondly recalls "I received a bunch of smiling emojis in the beginning”.

But that's not all: The Fini-Resort supplements further training, covers the cost of employee's gym memberships, and offers half-priced tickets to the Europapark Rust for employees. Most importantly every employee is valued. Mathias Finck states that "a friendly tone, flat hierarchies, that's the most important part for the colleagues. And we laugh a lot ... "

You'd like to join our team? Here, we introduce ourselves.


8 August 2018

Cryosauna: Congratulations to Our 1000th Guest

Hotel owner Mathias Finck was able to surprise the 1000th Cryosauna user. Oskar Baier (73) from Neuenburg often comes to the wellness resort in Badenweiler and uses the Cryosauna to alleviate muscle pains from his self-employed work in his machinery hiring company. The Fini-Resort Badenweiler surprised him with an ice cream cake and a bouquet of flowers. The active German stays fit through volleyball and has experienced the advantages of the Cryosauna for hobby athletes.

The Fini-Resort Badenweiler has offered the unique treatment for the last year. It is the first and so far, only Cryosauna in a hotel in the border triangle (Germany, France, Switzerland), and is frequented by guests as well as locals. Spa manager Ingo Andreß states, "I'm excited that we can offer this treatment, and happy that so many locals are regulars”.

First time users are given an extensive consultation from trained, certified staff. Spend only three minutes at 147 degrees below zero (Celsius) but the results are astounding: you'll feel reborn. Athletes use the cold chamber to recover quicker, but it also helps with pain, allergies, and sleep problems. Other advantages can be weight loss and tightening of the skin.

"For women, the Cryosauna is a special spa experience, for some men it's more of a test of their courage”, Mathias Finck laughs. He also frequently uses the Cryosauna.

You'd like to try it yourself? Here is our special offer of four treatments in the Cryosauna ...


1 July 2017

Finally, It's Ours: The Fini-Resort Now Owned by Mathias Finck

The first of July 2017 marks an important milestone in the history of the Fini-Resort: owner and property renter Mathias Finck bought the property and is now the sole owner of the hotel. This means that the Fini-Resort is now more than ever looking forward to a secure and long future, for guest and employees.

A day to celebrate: On the eve of the first of July Mathias Finck celebrated with employees who have worked at the Fini-Resort since its opening in 2011. 16 people have worked at the Fini-Resort from day one, from young chefs to the reception manager, a feat that is atypical for gastronomy. We'll let that speak for itself. The hotel team surprised the new owner with a sweet gift: his handprint embedded in cement, just like in Hollywood. Next to the print, the date is inscribed, forever set in stone.


14 April 2017

New in the Fini-Resort: The Cryosauna

Hollywood stars and elite athletes love it: the Cryosauna! This cold chamber is the most recent trend in the wellness and spa world. And yet it's pretty rare. Since the beginning of April, the Fini-Resort has the first and only Cryosauna in all of Southern Baden.

This is how it works: you'll spend two to three minutes in the chamber at 147 degrees below zero (Celsius). This is made possible with liquid nitrogen. Sounds strange, but it's completely harmless for the body as only the skin is cooled slightly. The cold has always been a popular treatment for pain, rheumatic arthritis, migraines, skin problems, injuries, and even helps lose weight. You'll notice its positive effect after only a few treatments.


22 July 2016

From October Onwards: Our Kelo Wood Sauna

Recently, the construction on our kelo wood sauna has started. What is that, you ask? A Finnish sauna made out of kelo wood. This wood comes from dried Finnish pine trees. And as we won't settle for anything less than the original, our wood is imported directly from Finland. After the trucks arrived at the Fini-Resort, the heavy tree trunks had to be unloaded. Without the help of a large crane, our construction workers Antek, Piotr, and Tomasz wouldn't have stood a chance.

Now the construction continues with the building of the sauna hut. Construction takes place outdoors, behind the Fini-Resort, as the kelo wood sauna will belong to our new outdoor wellness area. Directly next to it, a sunbathing lawn for guests will be built. The first guests can use the new kelo wood sauna in the early fall. Book now and be there when it opens!


13 June 2016

5 Years Fini-Resort - Our Celebration

On the 11th and 12th of June 2016, the Fini-Resort celebrated its fifth birthday with two days of open houses. Owner Mathias Finck designed the days with the motto "with sun in our hearts” in mind and neither the cold and rain could dampen anyone's spirits. The marquee that was set up in front of the hotel offered warmth and delicious 'goulasch' soup, straight from the hotel kitchen, which further warmed guests.

No celebration would be complete without our guests, the Roman legionary. Guests were entertained by the Roman visitors, dressed in garb from Roman emperor times. Guests were also invited to take a closer look at the hotel through guided tours. And of course, no party would be complete without great music: Saturday night the house band "Zoom” entertained guests, the next morning "Redhouse Hot Six” continued with great Dixie songs. Let's raise our glasses to the next five years!


10 December 2014

Certified: We're Energy Efficient.

The Fini-Resort received the honor of being energy certified since 10 December 2014. The hotel was awarded the German classification of DIN EN ISO 50001:2011!

Robert Schmitt, managing director at the 'SKZ Würzburg', awarded the hotel the honor in person. The director took great liking to how seriously hotel management and employees took energy conservation at the Fini-Resort. "Many energy saving measures have increased the quality and atmosphere for the guests”, Schmitt praised.

Systems and amenities were evaluated, stretching from the building and kitchen technology to the washing machines and photovoltaic systems. Guests can monitor the electricity generated by the hotel in real time on our energy monitor near reception.


20 August 2012

It's Official: We Have Four Stars Superior!

The stars have been set in stone for some time now on a large stone sign directly on the 'Blauenstrasse'. Now, the four star superior were placed directly next to the entrance of the Fini-Resort Badenweiler, making it official. The matching plaque from the German Hotel and Gastronomy Association (DEHOGA) was awarded during a ceremony to hotel owner Mathias Finck and director Michael Albrecht by Klaus Althoff, CEO of the DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg (right, next to mascot Fini, on the left hotel owner Mathias Finck and director Michael Albrecht) on Monday the 20th of August.

Our hotel now has high, almost the highest, standards. To be awarded these stars, hotels must fulfill many criteria. The Fini-Resort Badenweiler spent one year working on meeting these standards. The result? Experience it yourself, book now!


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