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Prices, Flat Rates


Healthy and fit by nitrogen of minus 147 degrees Celsius
first treatment
EUR 49,-
any further treatment
EUR 39,-


Classic Facial Treatment
Our facial is customized for your skin: hydrating, balancing, relaxing, or revitalizing.
60 minutes
EUR 75,-
Seasonal Facial Treatment with Vitamins
“gourmet treatment” with valuable plant-based ingredients, depending on the season. Provides a sense of well-being, protection, and smoothness. Counteracts vitamin and mineral deficiencies of the skin and gives it a new glow.
55 minutes
EUR 69,-
Resurfacing Peeling
Medical inspiration combined with cosmetic experience for reborn skin: deep cleaning, smooths the surface of the skin, balances and relaxes, adds oxygen.
60 minutes
EUR 75,-
Collagen Hyaluronique
High-quality anti-aging facial treatment with a visible lifting effect. Microdermabrasion peeling, a range of serums, and a high-quality collagen mask complete the treatment.
80 minutes
EUR 109,-
Hydra3Ha.Tm-Intensive Treatment
Three hyaluronic acids ensure a completely new hydrating experience. Includes a neck massage, enzyme peeling, three special masks, and two serums. The skin is visible refreshed and plump.
80 minutes
EUR 99,-
Energy Treatment
Intensive treatment including a deep cleaning, an enzyme peeling, an energy concentrate, a relaxation massage, and a two-phase-effect mask. Siberian ginseng coupled with special massage techniques allow the skin to be energized and look younger.
70 minutes
EUR 89,-
Dreamy Eyes
Desgined specifically for your eye region, it will make your eyes shine.
30 minutes
EUR 39,-
For Men
A facial treatment and a back and neck massage allows you to relax. Afterwards you’ll be served a cool beer (0.3 liter, with or without alcohol).
60 minutes
EUR 75,-
Additional treatments
Eyebrow Dyeing
EUR 11,-
Eyebrow Correction
EUR 13,-
Day Makeup
EUR 15,-
Evening Makeup
EUR 22,-
Facial Hair Removal up to ten minutes
EUR 12,-
Up to fifteen minutes
EUR 17,-
Up to twenty minutes
EUR 22,-
Beautiful Feet and Hands
Pedicure, approx. 50 minutes
EUR 49,-
Manicure, approx. 50 minutes
EUR 49,-
Additional Polish
EUR 9,-


Unwind from your day-to-day stress and enjoy a balancing full body massage with natural oils.
50 minutes
EUR 59,-
70 min
EUR 89,-
Hot Stone Massage
Hot basalt lava stones and essential oils will be included in your massage. To loosen tight muscles, relaxes body and mind.
60 minutes
EUR 75,-
Partial Body Massage
Comforting massage for legs, back, shoulders, neck, or head.
30 minutes
EUR 39,-
Tightening Massage
Anti-aging, tightening massage, with customized massage fluids. Duration depends on personal need.
40 minutes
EUR 49,-
Foot Reflexology Massage
Reflex points in the foot correlate to different body systems and organs. This gentle massage stimulates in a positive way.
35 minutes
EUR 44,-
Soap-brush Massages
First, you’ll spend 8 to 10 minutes in a sweat room at 40 degrees Celsius, then 8 to ten minutes in the sauna at 80 degrees Celsius, then five minutes in a steam bath at 48 degrees Celsius. Afterwards you’ll receive a 30-minute soap-brush massage.
30 minutes
EUR 39,-

Package Deals

Fini Delight – the anti-stress ritual for him and her
A sea salt body peeling followed by a hot stone massage with a balanced mix of oils and an active-contour eye treatment. Topped off with a fruity cocktail.
100 minutes
EUR 119,-
Badenweiler Vitality – Fountain of Youth from Head to Toe
A revitalizing full body peeling in a softpack, followed by a back massage. An expertly designed facial treatment tightens and hydrates the skin. Wrapped up with a cool fruit smoothie.
120 minutes
EUR 149,-
A neck and back massage loosens tight muscles, then a facial treatment nourishes the skin, afterwards you’ll be pampered with a foot massage. Topped off with a fruit juice to refresh your taste buds.
90 minutes
EUR 109,-
Velvety Soft Skin
A full body peeling, mixed with natural essential oils (coconut, lavender, rose, grape seed, ylang-ylang, to name a few), nourishes and cleanses your skin.
30 minutes
EUR 39,-
SPAcation in our Rhassoul bath: spoil your body with a range of clays, expertly chosen for different areas of the body. Wrapped up with a back massage and a crème softpack treatment.
90 minutes
EUR 90,-
Guests can experience an almost weightless sensation in our softpack with a variety of different treatments. We use the best quality products for our guests to choose from, such as a crème or sea salt treatment. Additionally, the softpack allows you to completely relax.
45 minutes
EUR 35,-
Time for Two
Special Rhassoul clay for face, chest, and the rest of the body, and twenty minutes in a steam bath. Afterwards, you’ll be gently cleansed in a rain shower. Topped off with a fifty-minute full body massage, a bath with a selection of fruit, two glasses of sparkling wine. For two guests.
120 minutes
EUR 179,-
Roman Bath
In our Roman bath, time will be forgotten. All that matters is relaxing, enjoying, and unwinding. Two guests can immerge themselves in our spacious double bathtub. A selection of fruit, a glass of sparkling wine, warm water, and sensual fragrances: this is pure relaxation and luxury. Choose between our salt and rose oil bath (with or without bubbles), salt and lavender oil bath (with or without bubbles), Cleopatra bath. For two guests.
35 minutes in tub
EUR 49,-
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