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Relaxed Times with the Goddess of Hunting in the Black Forest

When we first got the idea to design a second restaurant, there were heated discussions. Should we go with a completely traditional design (maybe a little too corny) or with a very modern design (maybe a little too cold)? As you can tell we went for the best of both worlds.

Yes, our restaurant has a cuckoo clock, traditional German 'Bollenhut' hats and an old farmhouse cupboard. But the rest of the atmosphere is pretty cool, right?

Abnoba from the Black Forest, the German Version of Goddess Diana

By the way, who or what is Abnoba? Abnoba is the Black Forest goddess of hunting just like Diana is the Roman goddess of hunting. Similarly pretty and also a good friend to animals. On the sliding door of the restaurant, we've made her a permanent part of this restaurant with a portrait.

Our Abnobastube has 40 seats. It works well for groups, events, and special occasions. And it's neither too corny or too cold. It's always nice when you can meet in the middle ...

The Abnobastube is open daily from noon to 10 pm but can be opened for groups on prior request.

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