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Mathias Finck spent half his lifetime only seeing hotels from the side of the guest. During this time he worked as a journalist and newspaper publisher in his home town 'Münsterland' and Leipzig, and since 1995 in Basel. In 2001 he founded the website "Spar mit! Reisen” in his basement in Basel; he was the only employee. The car travel website is now the number 1 website in Germany with over 200 000 annual visitors and 80 employees.

Managing his own hotel as a travel agent seemed like the logical next step. After looking at 60 residences in all of Germany, Finck found our hotel in Badenweiler in 2011, only 31 km away from the company's headquarters. He bought the old 'Blauen-Klinik', renovated and rebuilt it into the spa hotel it is today, with a total investment of 8.5 million Euro.

In 2014 Mathias Finck became the hotelier of the FIni-Resort, he served as interim director for one year. His conclusion: "Journalism was my dream job, travel agent was even more interesting but being a hotelier is the best, because of the direct contact to our amazing guests.”

The late bloomer has two adult sons and two hobbies starting with 'B': Boating and 'Borussia Mönchengladbach'.


When everything goes smoothly at the hotel, the guest does not notice it. To make it happen one either needs a whole army of workers or one multifaceted director's assistant. Alisa Bundschuh has taken over this role at the Fini-Resort.

The 26-year-old completed a dual degree in 'BWL Tourismus' (economics and tourism) in 'Lörrach' and t the Fini-Resort. After her successful completion, she was immediately hired at the Fini-Resort and now makes sure everything runs smoothly. "To work in the background but still have contact to our guests - that's what I love.” When things don't run smoothly, Alisa quickly and competently manages the situation. After all, born in 'Odenwald', she's been at the Fini-Resort for three years after finishing her degree. What made her end up in the hotel industry? "Coincidence”, she laughs. After all, the best things are often created by coincidence.


Miriam Loth

Management "Donnerstag live"

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