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We're Breakfast Fans, Hopefully You Are Too

Most of us neglect breakfast in our busy lives, and if we eat, then only quickly. Not here at the Fini-Resort. When you're on vacation, you've got the time. And who has the luxury of picking from 80 different specialties at home? At the Fini-Resort, you can. Our fetish is breakfast, we'll admit it. Some short stories about our breakfast:

We've got lots of homemade bread and bread rolls; brownies and croissants with nougat or with marzipan.

Sausages and ham are delivered by a family run Black Forest business located close by in 'Schallstadt', the Kaltenbach family. They're just as crazy as we are and refuse to use any chemical flavor enhancements. That's pretty rare nowadays.

Our waffle iron never has a day off. And our orange juicer as well. Here, we ask our guests to help us out, then it'll taste even better afterwards.

Press the Green Button, Butter Galore!

It's the same with our butter machine: press the green button, and, voila, a round piece of butter will fall onto your plate. The perfect size for your bread role. Its temperature is exactly 11 degrees Celsius, perfectly spreadable, not too hard, not too soft.

Another crowd favorite are our scrambled eggs. The eggs are supplied by our own farm and are scrambled fresh each morning.

You'd like some more eggs? Why not order your own custom omelette, our chef will gladly prepare one for you.

Smoked trout filets are supplied by the farm Günter in 'Schweighof', a neighborhood in Badenweiler. We also serve exquisite salmon with matching sauces, but we'll admit, that fish isn't from Badenweiler.

What else? A large selection of cheese, a plate filled with fresh fruits, delicious honey and jams from the Black Forest, cereals from our organic 'Bio-Bar'. And real Nutella. Not in those tiny pre-packed portion sizes but in a package-free glass with edible waffle cups.

Wrap up with a Glass of Sparkling Wine

Enjoy your breakfast! And if you're feeling like a glass of sparkling wine to start your day off, why not? It's waiting for you, chilled, on our breakfast buffet.

Breakfast at the Fini Resort: daily from 7:30 am to 10:30 am.

home keyboard_arrow_rightFood & Drink keyboard_arrow_rightBreakfast