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Jobs at the Fini-Resort

  • 37.5 hours a week, no overtime
  • Set work schedules, three weeks ahead of time
  • Pleasant and friendly work climate
  • Staff meals, benefits

The Fini-Resort Badenweiler is the leading wellness and spa hotel in Badenweiler. We don't only want to satisfy our guests, but also our employees. We're currently looking for additions to our youthful and friendly team:

Your duties: Sometimes, you're at the wrong place at the right time. Or the other way around. That's why a general open application - an application for a specific non-advertised position - can be a good idea. You're flexible, we're flexible, so take a chance and spontaneously apply! We look forward to hearing from you.

Your profile: You have work experience in gastronomy, the hotel industry, or the tourism industry. You're looking for a fun new job and a hotel that will value you. You're looking to take the next step or risk a new start and are looking for a long-term position.

Your duties: At the Fini-Resort every chef still has his or her firm position. Our meals are according to season and region and we use fresh ingredients coming from our partner farm. We peel the potatoes ourselves, cut vegetables and whip the sauce bearnaise with our hearts and hands. We only work 37,5 hours per week, but with passion. We live our culinary theme week with regulated working hours and a high proportion of half boards. As a result processes are predictable. Our Fridays and Saturdays are pretty intense, because the Fini-Resort is a pure holiday hotel. There is a pretty low turnover in our likeable team, we are very much looking forward to meeting you.

Your profile: Cooking is your passion, therefore this is your chosen job. You are capable of creating both a Filet Wellington and a steak with roast onions. The most important thing: It's real and handmade. You are not too vain but humorous and a real teamplayer. You are not looking for a transitional job but for a kitchen that's going to be your home for years. With colleagues you like and colleagues who like you.

Your duties: We love serving guests 365 days a year at our two hotel restaurants, hotel bar, and rooftop terrace. As we have a high number of half-board guests, we are able to have set schedules and work hours. You'll complete typical wait staff duties, set and clear tables, serve food and drinks, and keep an eye on the overall cleanliness.

Your profile: You like people, you like guests, you like to serve and communicate. Experienced professionals are just as welcome as gastronomy and hotel professionals. Friendliness, hard-work, and a smile are the criteria we're looking for. You'll work full time (37.5 hours), part time, or on an hourly basis.

Your duties: You support our housekeeper and work to her, check cleanliness and compliance with the standards in the guest rooms, the restaurants and in the public area. You create repair orders, manage lost and found items, are responsible for the laundry of our guests and for required guest items. You are responsible for designing your team's roster.

Your profile: You like people, you like guests, you like serving and communicating. Career changers are just as welcome as gastronomy and hotel professionals. Smiles, friendliness and hard work are crucial. They work full-time (37.5 hours), part-time or on an hourly basis.

Your duties: The hotel industry offers three apprenticeships, all of which we also offer at the Fini-Resort - hotel manager, restaurant manager, and chef. The apprenticeship takes three years to complete and is built on a dual system. You'll spend about 11 weeks per year at a vocational school, in 2 to 3-week sessions. The largest part of the apprenticeship is spent at the Fini-Resort, where you will get to know all departments. Interested? We'd love to invite you to shadow us for a day.

Your profile: You've completed the German 'Mittlere Reife' or 'Abitur' and have some work experience, ideally in the hotel industry or gastronomy. You're friendly, fresh, curious, honest, approachable, and humble. Foreign language skills are recommended.

Application: Please apply per mail with all regular documents or by email: auch per E-Mail:

Fini-Resort Badenweiler

Mathias Finck

Blauenstraße 15

D-79410 Badenweiler

We will definitely reach out to you either by phone or in a written format, in two to four weeks.

Criteria: Age, gender, or nationality are not as important to us as your competence, honesty, and ability to work in a team. Our hotel is (almost) completely new and offers you the chance to leave your own mark on it. Movers and shakers wanted!

Our Conditions: We'll offer you a contracted job (37.5 hours a week, part-time can be discussed) with an attractive wage. The Fini-Resort's highest priority is to value its amazing employees. 45 excited and friendly colleagues look forward to working with you.

Quality of Life: The 'Markgräflerland' is known as the Tuscany of Germany and has an almost Mediterranean climate. No wonder the Southern Black Forest is one of the best vacation spots in Germany: the border triangle with Basel, Freiburg, and Colmar is known across Europe as a one of the most attractive regions.