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Your charger doesn't fit into the German outlets? Simply ask us for an outlet adapter, and you can charge your foreign electronical devices without a problem! Forgot your phone or tablet charger at home? No worries, we'll gladly lend you one of ours, which fit the most common models.



Located 49km from the hotel, the EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg in Saint Louis, France, is easily accessible via the A5. Please remember that the airport has two exits: one in Switzerland and one in France. If exiting through Switzerland, please take a shuttle bus or taxi to 'Schweizer Bahnhof' and then board a tram or train to the 'Badischer Bahnhof' in Basel. Every two hours, a regional train commutes from this train station to Müllheim. Once you've arrived in Müllheim, take a bus to Badenweiler. If you are renting a car, it is recommended to take the French exist. From there, take the highway (Autobahn) towards Mulhouse/Freiburg/Neuenburg and then take the A5 until the exit Müllheim.


Check-in is from 3 pm onwards and, on the day of their departure, guests can check-out until 11 am. If you'd like to access your room earlier, or check out later, please contact reception. We will try to accommodate you. Guests who are in a hurry and prefer to not go to reception can use our Express Check-Out service. Please let reception know ahead of time.


The nearest ATMs are located in the Volksbank and in the Sparkasse; both banks can be found in the Luisenstrasse, just 400 meters from the hotel.

Baby, Baby Monitor

We'll supply a baby crib and a baby monitor free of charge. Please note that the range of the baby monitor is technically limited. We'll also heat up baby bottles and formula for you. Please let the restaurant staff know if you require distilled water.

Badenweiler Welcome Pass

When checking in, reception will give you our Badenweiler Welcome Pass. It includes a small brochure with information regarding dis­counts and perks, such as a guest evening with wine and a gift. Ask reception for the Schwarzwälder KONUS card, which allows our guests to use regional trains and busses free of charge.

Baking House

Our sunny terrace sports a Roman baking house with a clay oven and barbecue area. The baking house is a recreation of the house found in the Roman settlement Augusta Raurica (CH-August, located 42 km from the hotel). This area is used by our staff to prepare a variety of meals that are usually served on Fridays on our Roman theme nights.

Hotel Bar

  • Open daily from 3 pm to 11 pm (sometimes even longer …)

Our hotel bar "Titus” is located in front of our restaurant and boasts a large drink selection as well as cocktails and small snacks. Weather permitting, we love serving our guests on our sunny terrace and rooftop patio.

Beauty, Massages

  • Available daily from 10:30 am to 7 pm

Our qualified personnel will pamper you with facials, massages, baths and wellness packages. You'll find details in our up-to-date flyers at reception and the spa. We recommend making an appointment beforehand.

Bed Linens

Your bed lines will be changed every three days during regular housekeeping duties. If you'd like them to be changed more often, please let reception know. If you suffer from allergies, simply inform reception (either during the booking progress or at check-in), and we will supply you with special sheets.

Bike Rentals

We have four e-bikes that you as a hotel guest can use. Thanks to its own electric motor, inclines are no longer terrifying, you have decided, the hilly world of the Markgräflerland. The borrower rights 14 euros for half a day and 25 euros for the whole day. Please reserve at the reception.


  • Served daily from 7:30 am to 10:30 am

Breakfast is included in the price of the room. Our upmost priority is serving our guests a large variety of fresh, high-quality foods. Our chefs will prepare your custom omelette from scratch for you. We offer fruits, juices, a variety of organic foods, a large selection of tea and coffee, as well as homemade bread rolls, croissants, and bread. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of sausages from our local butcher, smoked trout filets, salmon, five types of cheese, Nutella, jam from the Black Forest, honey, freshly-made waffles, cake, sparkling wine, and much more. As protecting the environment is very important to us, our breakfast aims to reduce packaging waste ('zero packaging').

If you'd like to enjoy your breakfast in your room, we will gladly bring your custom breakfast selection to your room at your preferred time, for a charge of 7.50 euro. If you're checking out early and will be missing breakfast, our staff can prepare a lunch box for you to take with you. The night before checking out, please let reception know you'd like a lunch box.

Bus, Train

Two to three times an hour, from 5.24 am to 9 pm, a bus departs from Badenweiler to the Müllheimer train station and back again. The bus stop is located at the Protestant church 250 meters from the hotel. The bus schedule is devised so that passengers can, without having to wait too long, board the regional train to Freiburg (25 minutes) and Basel (35 minutes). Your KONUS guest card allows you to use the train and bus system in the entire Black Forest area free of charge. Please remember to bring your ID or driver's license with you.

Cake, Ice cream

Enjoy our ice cream desserts and cake selection at the hotel bar or rooftop patio in the afternoon hours (2 pm to 5 pm). Enjoy one of our many coffee or tea creations.

Christmas, New Year's Eve

Thinking of spending the holidays in Badenweiler? During the most magical time of the year, we work tirelessly to ensure guests a wonderful holiday season. Our holiday packages for Christmas and New Year's Eve are very popular and sell out fast.

Credit Cards

While we prefer cash or girocards (debit cards), we accept Euro/Mastercard, Amex, and Visa.

Coffee Machine and Kettle

In your room you will find a coffee machine with a built-in kettle for your tea and coffee cravings. Please speak to reception or housekeeping if you require ground coffee, tea bags, cream, or sugar.


Were you not pleased with something? If so, please let us know as soon as possible, our front desk staff will gladly work to resolve your issues. Your comments, especially constructive feedback, will help us in improving our services for you and for future guests.

Computer Desk

  • Available daily from 6 am to 11 pm

Guests are welcome to use our computer desk and printer free of charge. They are located on the lowest floor (1.UG), between reception and elevator (take the stairs on the left-hand side).

Conference Room

If you're looking for a space to hold a unique, creative event, look no further than our modern conference room. Equipped with wooden floors, string lights, walls painted with magnetic paint, as well as flip charts, an overhead projector, reliable Wi-Fi and a presentation case, our room fits up to 15 people. Our staff will serve coffee/tea, cold drinks, and small snacks.

Culinary Week

  • Daily from 6 pm to 9:30 pm

Most of our hotel guests spend their evenings enjoying the menu and buffet of our hotel restaurant "Aqua Villae”. The restaurant offers a culinary week with foods from different cultures for the price of 34 euros/person. Guests can choose between an exquisite three course menu or take advantage of the fresh and local foods served at the buffet. The price includes all drinks: draft beer, house wine, water, juice, soft drinks, coffee, and tea.

  • Sunday: Walk and Dine
  • Monday: French Night
  • Tuesday: Fini's Chateau-Feast
  • Wednesday: Barbecue or Fondue
  • Thursday: an authentic 'Badisch' Night
  • Friday: Roman Night
  • Saturday: Schnitzel, Fried fish & Co.


Our spa and wellness area includes a cryosauna where guests can spend three minutes at temperatures 147 degrees below zero. This procedure allows guests to feel as if they were reborn. Appointments are available daily at 11 am and 5 pm, or upon request. Our spa staff will gladly tell you more about this revitalizing experience or you can find an informational flyer at reception. The first treatment, including an extensive consultation and a certificate, costs 49 euros; each further one 39 euros.

Day Trips

We have two large maps located on the walls between the lobby and bar, where the most interesting day trip destinations and sights in Badenweiler and the tri-border area (Germany, France and Switzerland) are marked. Nearby you'll find 30 up-to-date flyers to help you make your decision. The blue wall across from the maps displays current event posters. Reception will gladly give you more concrete day trip ideas and tips to help you experience everything this beautiful region has to offer.


Reception will gladly give you more information regarding addresses, telephone numbers, and appointments.


We'll gladly send an extra duvet to your room.


Please see bike rentals.

Electric Cars ("Donkeys”)

Our small electric cars, affectionately named "donkeys” due to their history, are comfortable, agile, and nice to look at. Our staff will gladly drive you from the hotel to your preferred destination. Looking to explore the area? We offer daily guided tours through the 'Markgräflerland', the beautiful region our hotel is located in. Guests can find flyers and more information about the tours at reception.


Our email address is

Entertainment and Reading Room

In need of a good book for your vacation? Our small reading and entertainment room has two shelves filled with fiction books, which guests can peruse and borrow free of charge. While our entertainment room has games for children, adults will find multiple options as well. A guest favorite is our pool table.

Environmental Measures, Sustainability

We at the Fini-Resort have made environmental protection one of our priorities and as such have implemented multiple measures in order to do our part: non-daily towel replacements, temperature togglers on our radiators, seasonal and regional cuisine, a 'zero packaging' breakfast, recycling, and even more. You can help us by:

Turning off the lights and TV when leaving your room, as well as turning off the water faucets tightly.

Reusing Towels: Place dirty towels on the floor and keep using the rest. On request, towels will be replaced daily.

Placing paper waste in the trash can in the room; for all other trash please use the trash can in the bathroom. Place empty bottles next to the trash can, please.

Emergency Exits

Emergency exits are marked on the map on your room door.


Our parking garage is equipped with a charging station for electric cars - please feel free to use this complementary charger when arriving with an electric car. When booking, simply let us know you'd like to recharge your car. The parking garage costs 10 euros per night.

Europa-Park Rust

The Europa-Park Rust has been repeatedly named the best amusement park in Europe, as well as in the whole world. It is located 67km (about 50 minutes) from the Fini-Resort. If you'd like to buy your ticket beforehand to avoid waiting in long lines, admission passes are available for sale at reception.


Reception will gladly assist you in sending and receiving faxes (Telefax number: 07632 82 47 100). Received faxes that are longer than two pages are charged with 0.30 euro per page.


Located in Egringen, right next to Efringen-Kirchen, "Fini-Farm” is run by us and our partner company. At the farm, we produce the majority of the food used in our restaurant: about 50 types of lettuce, vegetables, and potatoes. During the warmer seasons we also offer events at the farm; details can be found in the lobby.


  • Open daily from 6 am to 11 pm

In our convenient store located in the lobby, you'll find souvenirs from Badenweiler, postcards, cooled drinks as well as cosmetics and toiletries. If you prefer, items can be charged to your room or paid directly at reception.

'Fini Times'

During breakfast, guests can peruse the 'Fini Times', our small hotel newspaper. Here you'll find tourist tips, employee information, the evening's menu as well as short stories about the hotel.


Please remain calm during an emergency and inform reception (tel: 180). You'll find important safety messages in the hallways.


We'll gladly order flowers for you or recommend a local flower shop.

Games, "Fini's Playlist”

Guests can enjoy a large variety of board and card games, free of charge. Simply ask reception. "Fini's Playlist” includes games such as Risiko (Risk), Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, Jenga, Canasta, Skat, Kniffel (Yahtzee), Chess, and many, many more.

Gas Station

  • Open 24 hours

The nearest gas station is located in Müllheim (Werderstrasse 105), about 4 km from the hotel, on the left-hand side. The gas station also offers a REWE shop.

Guest Book

In our hotel bar, guests will find our guest book. If you'd like to flip through it and read the comments from our former guests, we'd be delighted. Do us the honor of adding your own friendly note.


  • Open daily from 6 am to 11 pm

Our hotel offers guests the use of our gym, free of charge, which is equipped with a ping pong table, wall bars, 'pedalos', and other fitness equipment. Two pieces of equipment are fairly new, the others are over twenty years old. Please use caution with these, it is our priority to conserve them.


Located just 600 meters from the hotel, at Kaiserstrase 10, guests will find "Friseur Gisela”. Reception will gladly set up an appointment for you at this salon or any other in the area.

Hiking and Biking Maps

If you'd like to see the local area on foot or by bike, stop by reception to borrow one of our maps filled with different biking and hiking routes.


Badenweiler has the unique pleasure of being located at the foot of the Hochblauen, a 1,165-meter-tall mountain. Guests looking for an athletic challenge can hike (6.1 km from the hotel) or bike to the peak (located at an altitude of 700 meters). Guests who prefer to take the car can reach the summit in about twenty minutes. At the top of this beautiful mountain the restaurant "Berghaus Hochblauen” is located where guests can enjoy refreshments in good weather from 10 am onwards.

Hotel Park

Our hotel is surrounded by a beautiful park. It boasts an incredible 11 000 square meters and is as large as one-and-a-half soccer fields. The former castle grounds were designed in the middle of the 19th century. Guests can enjoy the 160-year-old and 46 meters high Californian redwood tree or the leatherleaf viburnum from China. Placed next to many of our trees, small plaques inform our guests of the botanical highlights. Guests can come and enjoy the serenity of the park in one of our many comfortable seating areas, our Japanese pavilion, or at our swing. The park also offers a barefoot trail, where guests can experience different terrains and materials with their bare feet.

Indoor Pool

  • Open daily from 6 am to 11 pm

Our large indoor pool is kept at a warm 29 degrees Celsius and uses Badenweiler thermal mineral water. Guests can use our 200 square meter large pool free of charge. Towels are available in the spa or at reception.


The cash register at reception is open from 6 am to 11 pm. We'll gladly keep you up to date on your balance or print a pro forma invoice.

KONUS Guest Pass

In the morning after check-in, guests receive a KONUS guest pass which allows them to use the regional busses and trains free of charge. To use this, please bring along an ID or driver's license. Guests can travel through the entire Black Forest, to Karlsruhe, or to Basel ('Badischer Bahnhof').

Laundry Service

Guests will find a laundry bag and price list in the closet of their room. Laundry that is dropped off at reception before 9 am will be returned the same day, no later than nine hours later. We also offer a pressing service.


Our staff is readily available to assist you with your luggage, please call reception (tel: 180).


As protecting our environment is an important priority to us, we have decided to, as a rule, turn our mini bars off. Guests can request theirs to be turned on at check-in and it will be filled with cool drinks and turned on. Housekeeping will take note each day of your purchases and they will be added to your bill.


Guests can park free of charge on our parking lot at the edge of the woods. After an expansion in 2017, there are now 38 parking spots available. Further free parking is available at the public lot "Parkplatz Süd”, which is located 400 meters from the hotel (simply follow Blauenstrasse towards Kandern).

Our hotel also has a parking garage with 30 parking spots that guests can use for a price of 10 euros per night.

Simply ask reception if you'd like to take advantage of our valet parking.


There are three pharmacies in Badenweiler. The closest one is "Hensesche Apotheke”, located at Luisenstrasse 2, just 350 meters from the hotel.

  • Open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 6:30 pm. Saturdays from 8:30 am to 1 pm.
  • (07632) 89 21 21

Information regarding emergency pharmacies, which are open outside of these hours, can be found at reception.

Photocopies, Scans

Reception will gladly assist you in photocopying and scanning your documents for a charge of 0,30 euro.


Our rooms come with two pillows, 80 x 80 cm and 80 x 40 cm, filled with fiber balls. Guests can request a different or extra pillow. We have 80 x 80 cm feather pillows, memory foam neck pillows (30 x 48 cm) and bamboo pillows (40 x 80 cm), both of which are suitable for guests with allergies.


Our small Fini-shop, located in the lobby, has a variety of Badenweiler postcards for sale for 0.40 euros a piece, with a special '3 postcards for 1 euro' sale.

Post Office

  • Open Monday - Saturday from 9 am to 12:30 pm. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 2.30 pm to 6 pm.

The post office is located at the lower end of Luisenstrasse, 800 meters from the hotel.


The TV in our rooms receive three radio channels.


  • Tel. internal: 180
  • Open 24 hours

We look forward to receiving your feedback.

Relaxation Area

  • Open daily from 12 pm to 9 pm

After going for a swim and taking advantage of our spa amenities, guests can relax in our unique relaxation area. Unwind on stone blocks in the Roman foot bath, daydream on our pre-heated salt lounges in our mystic 'treasure cave' or enjoy our (almost) real Black Forest clearing. Next to our Finnish sauna, another, small relaxation area is located. A large, Roman-style relaxation area can be found outdoors.

Restaurant "Abnobastube”

  • Open daily from 12 pm to 10 pm

Our Black Forest restaurant is dedicated to the Celtic goddess of hunting, Abnoba. Guests can enjoy a menu filled with regional specialties, such as 'Vesperspezialitäten' served in a rustic, yet modern atmosphere. Groups, events, and parties can also be accommodated here.

Restaurant "Aqua Villae”

  • Open daily from 7:30 am to
  • 10:30 am and from 6 pm to 10 pm

Guests can expect regional and seasonal dishes as well as international cuisine. Let our creative kitchen staff pamper your taste buds.

Rooftop Patio

  • Open daily from 11 am to 10 pm in good weather

Enjoy the amazing view of the hotel park from our rooftop patio, filled with comfortable lounge chairs and seating areas. While admiring the view guests can enjoy drinks, ice cream, and small snacks that they can order conveniently over the phone.

Room Service

We'll gladly bring drinks, snacks, and warm dishes up to your room, twenty-four hours a day. Simply call reception and order (tel: 180). Late night snacks and dishes can be found in our night menu. Each order will be charged a fee of 1.50 euro.


Our rooms come equipped with a small safe for your valuables. Particularly valuable possessions can be stored free of charge in our hotel safe, accessible from 6 am to 11 pm. Please speak to reception.

Sauna/Sauna Infusions

Our new blockhouse sauna made from 300-year-old Finnish kelo wood, will pamper you with exotic infusions. Guests can find a list of scheduled infusions, with thematic twists, at reception or in the spa, free of charge of course.

Sauna Area

  • Open daily from 12 pm to 9 pm

Our modern sauna area offers an exquisite, relaxing atmosphere. Equipped with four saunas, a Rasul bath, a salt room, an ice fountain, a 'Kneipp' area, and the stairs to the sunbathing lawn, guests can unwind completely. On the sunbathing lawn guests will find our large, kelo wood sauna which fits up to 25 people, a quiet area inspired by the Romans, and a small, cozy barrel sauna.

Sewing and

Pressing Services

We'll gladly take care of your sewing and ironing needs, just ask reception. As a general rule, pressed laundry will be ready for pick up after an hour. If you'd like to take matters into your own hands, reception has ironing boards and irons for you to borrow.

Shoe Cleaning Service

In your room you'll find a variety of utensils to clean shoes. At the exit of the parking garage guests will find a shoe cleaning machine.

Sky Sportsbar

  • Available on soccer game days

On game days, in our hotel bar, guests can watch nearly all soccer games (Champions League, Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal, international games), on request, in real time on our large screen. In general, the Bundesliga-Konferenz is broadcasted, unless all guests would like to watch a specific game. In our elevator, guests will find a 'Sky-board' that shows upcoming matches. World Championship and European Championship games also feature a small betting contest; the winners are awarded a cocktail and there is a goal-shooting contest in the hotel park.


The Fini-Resort is a non-smoking hotel. Guests can smoke on the balconies, rooftop patio, and in front of the hotel entrance; ashtrays can be found there. Please be respectful of other guests and keep noise to a minimum after 10 pm.


  • Open daily from 6 am to 11 pm

Our spa is equipped with a modern designer solarium to fulfill all your sun needs. Five minutes of sun cost 2 euros, please pay in cash.

Spa Area "Vespasian Thermal Bath”

  • Indoor pool, solarium: open daily from 6 am to 11 pm
  • Sauna: open daily from 12 pm to 9 pm
  • Spa Treatments: available daily from 10:30 am to 7 pm
  • Cryosauna: available daily at 11 am and 5 pm, or with appointment
  • Please talk to reception to arrange an appointment (tel: 07632-82470)

Our spa is dedicated to and inspired by the Roman emperor Vespasian under whose rule Badenweiler was founded in the year 72 a.d. Guests will find a large thermal indoor pool (29 degrees Celsius), multiple saunas, relaxation areas, beauty, massages, a solarium, and a gym. Hotel guests can use the facilities free of charge, a day pass for visitors costs 12 euros.

Spa Reception Desk

  • Open daily from 10:30 am to 7 pm

At our reception desk in the spa area, guests can enjoy fruits, juices, tea, and water free of charge. Furthermore, our reception desk is always staffed with fresh towels for you to use. Feel free to peruse our spa flyer and daily specials or arrange an appointment with our staff.

Special Offers

Looking for a quick getaway at the Fini-Resort at a special price? Our hotel is pleased to present guests about ten different, up-to-date special offers, catering to every taste with exclusive extras.


In our Fini-Shop you'll find post cards; stamps are available at reception. For your convenience, we will gladly mail your letters for you. Or, if you prefer to bring them to the post office yourself, the next post office is just 800 meters from the hotel.


Guests can enjoy the beautiful nature of the Black Forest and sunbathe on our beautiful lawn. The old trees of the hotel park bordering the lawn offer privacy so that you can relax and unwind. Access the lawn by taking the stairs in the spa area.


  • Markgräfler Taxi Müllheim: 07632 55 88
  • Euro-Taxi (Hybrid Auto) Müllheim: 07631 120 20

Reception will gladly order a taxi for you.

Telephone: External

  • (07632) 82 47-0

Our Fini-Resort offers a unique service for our guests: from the comfort of your room you can call the landlines of 19 countries*. Simply dial a '0' to be connected to the exchange line. The phone extension of your room is (07632) 8247-2 and your room number. Room number 225 would then have the extension (07632) 82 47 2-225.

* Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, USA

Telephone: Internal

To call another room in the hotel, please dial '2' and then the room number.

Ticket Service

Our reception offers admission passes for the Europa-Park Rust (an amusement park), the Basler Zoo, the "Badeparadies Schwarzwald” (an indoor water park and spa), as well as local museums. We'll gladly also organize tickets for events for our guests in Badenweiler, Freiburg, or Basel.


Many of our employees, who work tirelessly to ensure your best possible stay, are hardly ever seen by guests: Housekeeping, kitchen staff, technicians, to name a few. To ensure that not only our great front house staff has the pleasure of enjoying your tips, a tip box is placed by reception. These tips are distributed to all employees: front house staff and employees working in the background.

Tourist Office

The local tourist office is located in the "Kurhaus”, just 400 meters from the hotel.

  • It is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm.
  • 07632 799 300

Town's Center

The town's center is easily reached by foot as it is only 300 meters from the hotel. You'll find a map at reception or take a look at our wall maps to be inspired. Some noticeable sights close by are the tourist office, the "Kurpark”, a castle, Roman bath ruins, Tschechow-Salon, "Park der Sinne” (Park for the senses), and many more.


All of our rooms have a modern, flat screen TV; our large studios are usually equipped with two. These satellite TVs receive over 50 TV channels and three radio channels. Please note that due to legislation we are sadly not able to receive Swiss channels. Please use the remote and double-check that the TV is turned on (red dot). By pressing the 'info' button, guests can receive information about the current channel and, by pressing the up and down buttons, can navigate to different channels.

Soccer? It's just more fun to watch with company! Come on down to our hotel bar and watch (almost) all Bundesliga and Champions League games on our large screen. We also show the most important international games.

Vegetarian Cuisine

At our hotel, vegetarian cuisine does not mean to simply leave out meat or fish, but rather create delicious, original, vegetarian alternatives. If possible, please inform reception or the wait staff beforehand and we'll gladly recommend something.


If you'd like to see the Fini-Resort in moving images, we offer six hotel videos to watch and share:


Stop by reception on your way out and grab one of our umbrellas guests can borrow free of charge.

Wakeup Call

Please let reception know what time you'd like to be woken up (tel: 180).

Wall Maps

Guests will notice our informative wall maps located between reception and our restaurant. German artist Klaus Becker created them along with the Roman wall murals in the Vespasian thermal bath. The numbers on the maps correlate to the numbers on the flyer case, this way you can easily plan your next trip.


At the Fini-Resort, guests have access to reliable, fast, and free Wi-Fi without any blind spots. To use simply log into our network "Fini-Gast-WLAN”; passwords are not required.

Winter Garden

Guests will find our Mediterranean winter garden directly opposite to the entrance of the indoor pool. Here guests can enjoy some peace and quiet, play card games, read, and unwind with a drink.

Zed - Last but Not Least

We hope our Hotel A-Z has helped you. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask our staff. We are always there for our guests!

Updated: October 2019

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