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Cool, cooler, Cryosauna: ailments and extra fat are simply frozen away. Sounds cool - and it is. Nitrogen, cooled at -147 degrees Celsius, reaches your skin in sudden and abrupt bursts so that your tight muscles relax and pain is blocked.

Freezing cold, extreme temperatures, that's supposed to be relaxing? At first glance it sounds strange. The nitrogen is completely dry so that the body temperature stays the same. The skin cools down about 4 degrees during the 2-to-3-minute treatment. The extreme cold stimulates receptors and releases endorphins. Stress vanishes in thin air, even better, in nitrogen.

Professor Dr. Fricke discovered the cold chamber and its therapeutic benefits for his rheumatic patients in the German town of Sendenhorst in 1984. It gained population through soccer players such as Franck Ribery and Ronaldo, who use the cold to improve their skills. 2016 mainstream media discovered the Cryosauna: TV channel RTL reported the first public Cryosauna in Berlin in their show "explosiv”. Now guests at the Fini-Resort in Badenweiler can profit from this cold, the only Cryosauna in all of Southern Baden.

Rheumatism, back pain, asthma, and heavy legs are classic examples of ailments that can be improved by the Cryosauna. Improvements can be felt after the first treatment. Treatments 2 to 4 times a week lead to long term improvements and freedom from pain.

The cold is dry and not dangerous for our body. Since only the temperature of the skin changes, implants are not affected. The treatment inhibits infections and speeds up the recovery process of athletic injuries.

Are your muscles tight every once in a while? Our professional massage therapists at the Fini-Resort will gladly loosen your muscles. The perfect wrap up is a treatment in our Cryosauna. Here tight muscles caused by sports, long periods of sitting down, or repeated movements at your workplace are loosened. This also works for chronic pain and migraines. Skin problems are often treated with expensive creams and face masks. Try the benefits of cold for this, too!

Lose weight the easy way? We won't promise that you'll use dozens of kilos. But by burning over 1000 calories per treatment you'll feel a difference afterwards. Treating cellulite works especially well. The 2016 report by RTL showcased two women whose thighs shrunk one and half centimeters in circumference.

For athletes the 147 degrees below zero work revitalizing before training or a competition. The result is a clear increase in performance. Using after working out shortens the recovery phase, eliminates tiredness and fatigue. Guests who infrequently or never exercise will notice the benefits by feeling lighter and in general better.

Going for a Schvitz in our Finnish sauna at 80 to 90 degrees Celsius? Please do, but not in the six hours before or after a Cryosauna treatment, as your skin needs to be completely dry. Going for a Schvitz afterwards could increase your cold sensitivity. A classic hot sauna should be avoided after a Cryosauna to let your body rest.

Come and see us - we'll discuss the rest then. Those who shower before the treatment should blow-dry their hair. Age, sex, and physical fitness are not relevant, almost everyone can take part. Guests under 18 years old need written consent from their parents.

Body jewelry and piercings are directly exposed to the nitrogen and would assimilate to the temperature of the treatment. But no worries: rings and necklaces can be removed, and piercings can be covered. As your head is outside of the Cryosauna, facial piercings are not a problem.

During the treatment guests can wear underwear or bathing suits. Please bring a pair of warm socks, wool is preferred. Pregnant women and guests with a pace maker are not allowed to use the Cryosauna. The professional Fini-Resort team will inform you of any other health restrictions.

If you'd like to reserve an appointment or have further questions, feel free to reach out to our hotel at any time (07631-8247-0), our spa department can be reached directly at the extension -184. More information will be provided at our extensive consultations on Mondays.

One last thing, just between us: telling your friends and family back home that you survived temperatures of -147 degrees Celsius is pretty cool …

Open daily at 11 am and 5 pm or upon request

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