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Our Own Farm and How We Got Here

When we opened the Fini-Resort in 2011, we did some math. Our hotel guests would eat 40,000 eggs every year, many tons of potatoes, a lot of lettuce and vegetables. Technically, enough food to start our own farm. We took out an announcement in the agricultural weekly news and looked for a partner. Not like the German show "Farmer Looking for Love" but "Hotel Looking for Farmer".

Just 21 kilometers away from the Fini-Resort, Andreas Schopferer lives. On his own farm in Egringen, he grows fruits, vegetables, and lettuce. The family-run business focusses on controlled, organic farming and selling directly to the consumer. At the moment, we produce about 45 different kinds of lettuce and vegetables. These are then transported with our hotel bus directly from the farm to the kitchen, in boxes, without refrigeration or packaging, you can't get any fresher.

What Grows and Is Ripe, Will End up on Your Plate

Our farmer Andreas Schopferer and executive chef Karsten Kleinjung discuss produce three times a week. What's ripe will end up on the menu. And then, in the evening, it'll end up on your plate. This isn't some hippy utopia, this is economically smart. And, at the end of the day, cheaper as we're cutting out the middle man.

By the way: Between Easter and October we have event days at the "Fini-Farm". Usually on Tuesdays. Just ask reception.

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