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July 2nd 2020, 8:30 pm Rock

The Trabants


"Still haven’t found what I’m looking for?" You will at this concert. The Trabants are coming to the Fini-Resort to play U2. The band from France will not only play the well-known and well-loved classics, but also the b-sides and lesser known songs. It may not be U2 themselves, but it’s the next best thing.

June 25th 2020, 9 pm Singer-Songwriter

Rod Fritz


The 50-year old Singer-Songwriter came from Tasmania to Germany in search of his Swabian roots – and stayed for the gorgeous countryside. He even started writing songs in German! He gets his inspiration from day to day life and creates life-affirming music with profound lyrics.

June 11th 2020, 9 pm Rhythm‘n‘Blues

Fire of Soul


There are bands that resonate immediately with their audiences: Fire of Soul is one of them. The band with eight members was founded in 2013. You can tell that they have witnessed the zenith of rock music: they play soul, r'n'b and blues in a very authentic way. Fitting accessories: whiskey and cigarettes.

Mar 5th 2020, 9 pm Singer-Songwriter

Mon Mari Et Moi


From quiet and tender to foreign and haunting – Shakti and Mathias Paqué put their own spin on German Chansons. Even after 163 shared concerts, 43 packages of cough sweets and 274 unfinished songs, they still enjoy sharing wondrous stories during all their performances.

Feb 27th 2020, 9 pm Classical Music

Ensemble TrioLogie

Classical Music

With only three members „TrioLogie“ plays music spanning four centuries, from Early Baroque to contemporary. Kristina Lisner (mandoline), Melanie Hilker (mandoline / mandola) and Markus Sich (guitar) perform songs with astounding precision and create exotic soundscapes.

Feb 20th 2020, 9 pm Poetry Slam


Poetry Slam

Quick, snappy poetry, caustic prose, socio-critical texts: Ortwin Bader-Iskraut, Yo-Pa and Jesko Habert are incredible verbal acrobats and wow the audience with their poetry slam. The three guys from Berlin’s Kiez love to provoke, inspire, and jolt the crowd with this modern form of poetry.

Feb 13th 2020, 9 pm Singer-Songwriter

Mona Lee


Mona Lee has been singing, writing and playing the guitar since she can remember. The multi-talent from Essen is a true singer-songwriter, even though she only ever wanted to play. Her tender songs speak about love in all its facets –relatable to audiences everywhere. One woman, one guitar, a thousand ideas.

Feb 6th 2020, 9 pm Lesung



Socio-critical, philosophical, witty: M.Kruppe has been touring Germany for ten years now, reading from his books and the books of his role models – Bukowski, Morrison, Kinski, Nietzsche. For us, he’s reading short but vicious crime stories. Prepare to be surprised about the many ways people can be killed.

Jan 30th 2020, 9 pm Classical Music

Mara Cello

Classical Music

Singing cellist Mara defies all genres with her mix of classical music, pop and jazz. She picked up the cello at seven years old and has not put it down ever since, playing in traditional orchestras until inspiration stuck at an improvised jazz session. She now creates her own music, overcoming all conventions.

Jan 23rd 2020, 9 pm Chansons

Musette Gisella


A concert with Gisella feels like a walk through Paris. Born in Müllheim, she discovered her love for musette music and perfected the art. This French version of the Waltz is played on the accordion and makes you want to dance. The perfect evening for everyone who is yearning to see Paris.

Jan 16th 2020, 9 pm Folk Music

Sleepwalker’s Station

Folk Music

We all love Bavarian folk music. At least if it’s by Sleepwalker’s Station. Original folk music in English, German, Spanish and Italian. The band members are just as international as their lyrics and yet; everything sounds flawless and homogenous. Snapping your fingers along is encouraged.

Jan 9th 2020, 9 pm Reading

Nadine Buranaseda


Born in Cologne to a Thai father, Nadine Buranase loves keeping her readers on tenterhooks. She’s been an author since she was discovered during her university days and wrote more than a dozen dime novels before publishing her own crime series about detective chief superintendent Hirschfeld.

Dec 19th 2019, 9 pm Reading

Sunil Mann


Sunil Mann looks at things from a different perspective. Being a flight attendant could be the reason because he soars over the clouds on a regular basis. Or that he was born the son of Indian immigrants in the Bernese Oberland. For him writing both crime novels and children's books is no contradiction.

Dec 12th 2019, 9 pm Reading

Stefanie Gregg


Stefanie Gregg doesn't follow that one genre. Sometimes it gets psýchological and exciting as in her crime novels, sometimes she likes it sensitive, proved by her Bulgaria novel „Smelling Like White". And she also shows tons of humor. Her „new one“ is a historical three-generations-novel.

Dec 5th 2019, 9 pm Movie songs / piano

Philipp Hermann

Movie songs / piano

Philipp Hermann creates movie songs that don't exist yet. If you loved the movie "Amélie", you will also love "Words". That's the wonderfully beautiful debut album made by the 30 years old piano artist from Erfurt. Pure, unbelievably emotional melodies in the manner of Yann Tiersen. Just enjoy!

Nov 28th 2019, 9 pm Piano classical

Bernd Grill

Piano classical

You don't always need the complete orchestra: Bernd Grill only needs a piano to touch people. The high school teacher takes you on a musical journey from baroque sonatas to jazz inspired songs from the 20th century. We invite you to enjoy authentic, astonishing piano music!

Nov 14th 2019, 9 pm Reading

Leon Sachs


Political and so up to date: Leon Sachs is Germany's up-and-coming thriller talent No. 1. In 2018 the journalist already published his third novel called „The Night Is Mine“. Nerve-wrecking excitement awaits you when this man from Cologne paints an alarming realistic picture of today's terror.

Oct 31st 2019, 9 pm Reading

Sascha Gutzeit


Sascha Gutzeit wanted to become a train driver. That didn't work out so now he is an actor, author and musician. At the same time. Readers love his eloquent texts, music fans enjoy his unique melodies. He combines both in his musical 70s-crime-novel-Reading-show "Commissioner Engelmann".

Oct 24th 2019, 9 pm Improvisational theater

Die Impronauten

Improvisational theater

"Die Impronauten" stand on the stage without having a plan, but they are very talented. The ideas come from the audience, from key words or objects being thrown at them. A ping pong bat suddenly becomes a magnifying glass or a mirror. Only one thing is clear: It will be funny, weird and surprising.

Oct 17th 2019, 9 pm Reading

Thomas Bogenberger


Thomas Bogenberger caused some sensation with his crime novels about the quirky commissioner Hattinger. The first two novels „Hattinger And The Cold Hand“ and „Hattinger And The Fog“ were famously made movies with Michael Fitz as the main character as well as Ursula Karven and Jessica Schwarz.

Oct 10th 2019, 9 pm Reading

Ina Haller


The crime novels by Ina Haller are very exciting, coming from Aargau in Switzerland. The German has been living in the country for many years and knows the spooky and beautiful sides of the contemplative city Aarau. Her books will delight you with many local inside informations and excitement.

Oct 3rd 2019, 9 pm Country/Pop



This duo only needs a guitar and a microphone to enchant its audience. If it's bold country music, beloved oldies or immortal hits from the 90s – the two guys from Baden-Württemberg are both changeable and melodious. So: Please lean back, listen and simply enjoy.

Sep 26th 2019, 9 pm Magic

Madou Mann


Blue suit, orange tie: That look is the trademark of the 20 years old Madou Mann. The man who is two meters tall has been conjuring since he was seven years old. Now he is a graceful perfectionist. You will not find any rabbits or magic sticks - Madou Mann stands for modern magic and comedy.

Sep 19th 2019, 9 pm Reading

Barbara Bierach


She was a journalist and foreign correspondent, now she is a passionate thriller author - Barbara Bierach travelled a lot and now she found a new home in Ireland. There she lives in an old property and writes about inspector Emma Vaughan, dealing both with Irish history and presence.

Sep 12th 2019, 9 pm Reading / workshop

Heidi Fischer

Reading / workshop

For all those who want to commit a murder on their own some day (of course only in their imagination): Before her Reading author Heidi Fischer will give our guests a writing workshop. Become a member of the special unit "death in the Fini-Resort" and learn the tips and tricks of the writing profession.

Sep 5th 2019, 9 pm Reading

Franziska Steinhauer


Franziska Steinhauer doesn't travel alone. Maggots are part of her luggage, a forensic's best friends. How the little insects contribute to the investigation of crimes and what forensic psychiatry is, the educated forensic will tell you in a vivid way. To do that she will read from her Spreewald thrillers.

Aug 29th 2019, 9 pm Singer and songwriter

Cris Cosmo

Singer and songwriter

When he was on his way with street musicians in Latin America as a teenager, Cris Cosmo didn't only get his stage name, but also many valuable music inspirations. The world citizen mixes German lyrics with cool club beats. He even got a reward for this good mood pop music: an "Echo"-nomination.

Aug 22nd 2019, 9 pm Jazz

B.B.Q. Jazz


For over ten years they have been jamming together: Benjamin Brodbeck (piano), Martin Schmidt (bass) and Jan Staubach (drums) are B.B.Q. Jazz. If sophisticated concert jazz or artfull improvised background music – these folks from Stuttgart always serve delicious gourmet jazz to their audiences.

Aug 15th 2019, 9 pm Reading

Andreas M. Sturm


Andreas M. Sturm loves it dark, ingenious and with a pinch of humor. When he strolls through his home city Dresden his thrilling crime novels with commissioners Wolf and König emerge in his head – there are five of them so far. In his short stories you will also find a lot of black humor.

Aug 8th 2019, 9 pm Acoustic pop


Acoustic pop

The German-Nigerian Oku is the leader of the band OQmanSolo. He's a traveller between worlds who has experienced a lot. He sees himself as a troubadour, a storyteller. Enwrapping his experiences in poetic words and soul music. A trip to the core of things - without kitsch and very close to the audience.

Aug 1st 2019, 9 pm Singer and songwriter

Dominik Wrana

Singer and songwriter

Dominik Wrana manages the balancing act, many people don't: He plays with an enviable intesity, but at the same time relaxed und light hearted, he changes between rock, pop and the Westcoast sound from the 70s – seemingly without any efforts. With his rough voice the teacher from Mannheim is the class leader.

July 25th 2019, 9 pm Oriental Music

Shaffan Soleiman

Oriental Music

It was love at first sight when Shaffan Soleiman was taught to play the Oud by his father at 11 years old. Ever since he has been playing traditional music to convey his cultur to his adapted home Germany. Sometimes his music is a little melancolic, but always enchanting and optimistic.

July 18th 2019, 9 pm Pop

Dicke Fische


"Dicke Fische" are a symbol of luck. The three band members bring lots of luck to their audiences with acoustic pop and acoustic rock. Popular songs and their own songs get a special, danceable sound thanks to lots of feelings for rhythm and fun. Guitar, Cajon and three voices: That's it! Nothing more needed!

July 11th 2019, 9 pm Punk lyric


Punk lyric

Critical of society, philosophical, full of humor. For ten years M.Kruppe has been touring through Germany reading his works and those of his role models: Bukowski, Morrison, Kinski, Nietzsche. With his program "Die feine Art des Saufens" ("The fine way of boozing") he stops over in our bar. Half punk, half philosopher.

July 4th 2019, 9 pm Singer and songwriter

Tommy Ocean

Singer and songwriter

At a bonfire in Denmark Tommy Ocean from Breisach suddenly had an idea: Playing music, writing authentic songtexts – from then on that would be his calling. Today he follows the footsteps of his role models Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Johnny Cash and James Taylor, but always having his own style.

June 27th 2019, 9 pm Reading

Friedrich Kalpenstein


Friedrich Kalpenstein is a multi talent: With his Herbert-novels he reached the top of the Kindle bestseller rankings. Every now and then the Bavarian assumes the role of the party singer Ben Valdern creating a real atmosphere with pop songs. A man you want to listen to, no matter if he is reading or singing.

June 20th 2019, 9 pm Acoustic / country

Larry Wright

Acoustic / country

Larry Wright comes from Texas, his voice from deep within his soul. As a child, in Dallas, he sang along, when he listened to The Jackson 5, Elvis Presley, The Osman Brothers and Billy Holiday in the radio. Today he delights audiences in his chosen home Swabia, together with guitar player Stefanie Keck.

June 13th 2019, 9 pm Singer and songwriter

Andreas Thust

Singer and songwriter

It's not too big an issue – unfortunately for Andreas Thust it was precisely that. When he had to cure a broken leg, he played the guitar again, for the first time in 20 years. And he never stopped. Fingerpicking and fingerstyle are his passions, as a one-man-band he plays hits of the last 50 years and his own songs.

June 6th 2019, 9 pm Brazilian jazz

Clara Valente

Brazilian jazz

Clara Valente and her drummer Gui Gautreaux are real stars in their native country Brazil because of their good-mood-music. Now they conquer Germany with a brilliant mixture of samba, afro beat, pop and electronic music. They make their audiences smile thanks to their happy songs.

May 30th 2019, 9 pm Pop



Three generations with different music styles - that can be something very good, as proved by the five "Lebensmusiker" from the German state "Saarland". Spreading zest for life, hope and happiness is the band's goal. Handmade, life-affirming pop for everyone from their album "Lebensmusik".

May 23rd 2019, 9 pm Cabaret

Vera Nentwich


The 50 years old writes from the perspective of a woman with a male immigration background. Cheerful novels, funny thrillers or books about the search for your own identity. Also her Readings are different: They are stage shows, cabaret. The motto tonight: Being a woman isn't a solution, either.

May 16th 2019, 9 pm Singer and songwriter

Rod Fritz

Singer and songwriter

The 50 years old Singer-Songwriter from Tasmania came to Germany to look for his Upper Swabian roots – and stayed for good because of the beatiful landscape. Today he even writes some songs in German. His everyday life and his rich life experience serve as inspirations for his music.

May 9th 2019, 9 pm Singer and songwriter

Raphael Steber

Singer and songwriter

When he was a child Raphael Steber sometimes finished songs faster than other members of the orchestra – in the meantime he fortunately improved his sense of tact. He plays the saxophone and guitar with passion and sings his songs like Herbert Grönemeyer, Fanta 4 or Wolfgang Niedecken.

May 2nd 2019, 9 pm Acoustic pop

The Awesome Ministers

Acoustic pop

What a great sound Sascha Happle (guitar), Andreas Scheerer (Cajon, percussion) and Sascha Spitz (guitar) produce on stage. They let you hear the outstanding rock- and pop classics of the last 40 years, performed with passion and enthusiasm. We would like to see you wave your lit lighters!

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