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Relaxation Area

If There Is a Soul and It Could Unwind, Here It Would Do So

With so many different spa services, you can have a packed schedule here at the Fini-Resort. Large indoor swimming pool, six saunas, massages, and beauty treatments. But we don't want you to be stressed here, this is supposed to be a vacation! That's why we created multiple, different relaxation areas.

Outside, near our two outdoor saunas, you can relax in a Roman atmosphere. Partly indoor, partly outdoor, you can enjoy our winter garden. Next to our indoor saunas, such as our new Finnish model, there is a small, cozy relaxation room with lounge chairs.

Treasure Cave and Roman Bath with the Help of the Europapark Rust

Directly next to our indoor pool we have a large themed relaxation area, our pride and joy. We were able to design it with the help of set designers from the Europapark Rust. Trust us, they know what they're doing.

There are three thematic areas: in the Roman bath guests can sit on prewarmed benches, similar to how the Romans lived 1800 years ago when they founded Badenweiler.

Next door, we have a treasure cave with two temperature regulated salt lounges. If you clap, treasures hidden in the wall light up.

Dreaming Away the Time in Our Black Forest Clearing

The largest of the three areas is our Black Forest clearing with incredible comfortable lounge chairs, a trickling stream, and small wooden bridge. The large photographs on the walls were all taken in the forest surrounding the Fini-Resort.

Just between us: some of our guests have fallen asleep here and woken up astounded that two hours had passed. But that means that we (and you) did everything right.

home keyboard_arrow_rightWellness keyboard_arrow_rightRelaxation Area