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Hotel Park

Exquisite Nature in the Former Castle Grounds

The castle grounds and spa gardens of Badenweiler are legendary and are known around the world as a 'badisches Arboretum'. As the Fini-Resort resides in a part of the former castle grounds, it is surrounded by ancient trees and beautiful nature. With so much nature around, it's easy to relax from the comfort of our balcony.

Ancient Trees from Four Continents

Our pride and joy is the 46-meter-tall and 160-year-old redwood tree. Every year it blooms green and strong, for many more years to come. The redwood tree looks down on its equally valuable and exotic tree friends from four different continents. A German Professor catalogued the trees in the hotel park in 2011, since we've set up 32 signs informing guests of the different specimen. You can relax, enjoy, take a walk, and learn something new.

Our hotel park is a lot of fun: there's a barefoot trail, a large swing, a Japanese pavilion. We've created small, comfortable nooks all over the park to curl up in and read a book or relax.

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